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Want the darkest tan possible?

b.tan is for everyone who believes tanning should be simple, it’s not rocket science after all.

Get the perfect tan in the simplest possible way with b.tan

At Distinct Brands, we believe that great tanning should be simple, fun, and fast. That’s why we handpick the best products from b.tan. A brand that’s known for bringing vegan-friendly, paraben-free tanning solutions, b.tan products aren’t sticky and don’t smell gross. Every product from b.tan is designed to give you the darkest tans in town in the simplest way.

When you need a fake tan, b.tan products are second to none in terms of quality and the kind of temporary tan they provide. Our collection of b.tan products will help you rock the snazziest of tans with no hassles whatsoever. We have even handpicked luscious tanning products from b.tan that’ll help you rock the most fashionable tan in just nine minutes. Besides offering the usual tanning solutions from b.tan, we even have tan mitts that’ll protect your hands when you apply one of our tanning solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our whole range of b.tan products and get a tanned look temporarily.  

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Distinct Distribution - tan go away tan eraser - DistinctDistribution - Tanning
BTAN Tan go away tan eraser
Regular price €12.00 €6.00 Sale
BTAN you glow girl
BTAN you glow girl
Regular price €12.99 €6.50 Sale
it's love. a daily moisturizer that makes me glow...
it's love. a daily moisturizer that makes me glow...
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distinctdistribution - i love myself more tanned - DistinctDistribution - Tanning
BTAN i love myself more tanned
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distinctdistribution - cosmic candy glow gradual glow - DistinctDistribution - Tanning
BTAN cosmic candy glow gradual glow
Regular price €12.00 €6.00 Sale