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Eye Masks

Sleep deprived? Try our Glitter and Starry eye masks!

Just three and four hours of sleep since Monday until Friday are not enough. You sure try to make peace with your sleep schedule, but your health clearly cannot hold it together for long, because sleep is as essential as breathing. Eight hours sleep might not possible, given the popular work culture and busy personal life, but Distinct Brands can promise you one thing and that is – ‘sound sleep.’ Regardless of how many hours you can manage to sleep during weekdays, you will get a healthy and sound sleep

Puffiness, dark circles are two of the most common results of sleep deprivation or lack of sleep. Our eye masks are proven to have taken care of the skin around the eyes, which happen to be very delicate and sensitive. Our STARRY EYES POPMASKS are self-heating eye masks that will allow you to shut your eyes and drift into a dreamy land immediately. During that time, our masks will subside the puffiness, leaving your feeling completely renewed and refreshed.

If you are looking to get ultimate beauty sleep, try our starry eye and glitter eye masks. You can store them into the refrigerator to relax away your stress and get you rid of those eye bags.

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