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Wish to add some playful, dramatic and flirty approach to your facial makeup regimen, it's time you decided to give false eyelashes a try. An important cosmetic investment, false eyelashes from Distinct Brands make your eyes pop while transforming them exquisitely.

The highest quality Distinct Brands false eyelashes make you feel glamorous. They are fluttery, lush and to fit in right well with your very individual makeup choices. Whether it be the girl in your neighborhood or A-listers celebrities, false eyelashes have grown to become an integral makeup part for all the women in the world.

The best false eyelashes have no clumping involved, and they are the flutteriest, thickest and 24-hour gorgeous looking makeup items that will grab all the apt attention for you. If you are looking for one or more pairs of dramatic eyelashes to flaunt like JLo or Kim K, give our collection a try. We have just stocked our shelves with a whole new host of highest quality eyelashes from top brands like Ardell.

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