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Happy Feet, Happy You!

With the highest quality and natural ingredients, Distinct Brands brings to you a large collection of foot nourishing and care products for your chapped and broken foot skin. With regular application, you will experience improved skin elasticity, softness and glow. Our line of foot care products includes Papaya Peel Foot Mask, Oh K! Fruit Enriched Peeling Foot Mask, Oh K! Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask, Sunday Rain - Footsoak, Watermelon (Revive and Energize) and more. We offer only top European skincare brands, for they have decades of trust and customer admiration. Most of our foot care products contain natural ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E – which basically help smoothen the dry, hard and callous heels. In addition, some contain almond and coconut oils that cure dryness and cracks in the heels.

Your feet are the most hardworking, hence they deserve a tad more attention than you are currently giving them. Whilst a daily pedicure and wearing comfy shoes can make a colossal difference, using quality foot cream and masks will ensure a pair of absolute ‘Happy Feet.’

Foot care products at Distinct Brands ensure you healthy, soft and glowing feet. We offer an extensive selection of foot care products that will help you maintain your feet through all seasons. You deserve to enjoy well-groomed, happy feet in the comfort of your home. Refresh those tired toes and relieve the dryness in winters using the right foot care products. We hand-pick only the tried-and-trusted brands for our valued customers.

Regular and proper maintenance of your foot is necessary, because if they don’t look good and revitalised, it can impact your overall mood and appearance. You deserve one lazy Sunday caring for your feet the best possible way you can. Distinct Brands is always at your disposable with the finest choices of all times.

Stay tuned! We tend to update our shelves quite frequently in order to bring to you top European skincare brands under one roof. Happy Feet, Happy You!

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Papaya Peel Foot Mask
Papaya Peel Foot Mask
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Sunday Rain - Footsoak, Watermelon (Revive and Energize)
Sunday Rain - Footsoak, Watermelon (Revive and Energize)
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