It’s time to pamper the skin on your feet and face

At Distinct Brands, you’ll find a wide gamut of skincare products geared toward taking care of your feet and face. From papaya peel foot mask, clarifying charcoal sheet mask, hydrating hyaluronic gel mask to weekly sheet mask regime x 3, we source the best products from JoLee that’ll revitalise your skin like never before. Whether you need a face mask or foot mask, we have products made from natural ingredients that’ll help you make your skin glow.

We handpick some of the most celebrated skincare products from JoLee so that you can bring the next level of perfection to your skincare regimen. In addition, the store consistently refreshes its range to make sure that you get proven skincare products to take care of the callousness of the skin on your feet.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to raise the level of care you give to the often-neglected skin on your feet and face, then the store’s collection of JoLee products will be your best bet. Browse through the range and find the skincare products that’ll fit your need to a tee.
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Papaya Peel Foot Mask
Papaya Peel Foot Mask
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